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Communication for Global Business

TBG Media & Education provide a broad range of cross-border corporate communication, as well as corporate training solutions to international organisations. With our head office in London and branches in Scandinavia, and Latin America, along with strategic partners around the world, we are positioned to serve our global clients at world-class standards, across borders. 

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Most importantly, whilst the major consultancies focus crucially on the numbers, at TBG Media & Education, we complement their work by focussing on your people.

Our Corporate Media & Education Solutions focus on:

  • Communication – Enhancing cross-border and cross-cultural communication to optimise business performance.
  • Education – Enhancing personnel performance through a broad range of professional development training solutions.

People + Communication & Culture + Global Business

We develop culturally sensitive, multilingual corporate communication and international corporate education solutions, for organisations expanding across borders, cultures, faith, and languages; thus optimising their global performance.

Operating from the city of London, with offices in Oslo and San Jose, and partners in key locations around the world, we are used to competing and providing world-class services as part of our everyday lifestyle.

As a result, we ensure you benefit from international standards and British expertise, combined with the experience of our local partners, wherever you require our services in the world. Please contact us today for a free consultation, to discuss solutions to your organisation’s cross-border communication, or professional development needs.


TBG Media & Education, (former LINGU Worldwide TBG), is a wholly owned Corporate Media & Education Company and Trademark of TBG London Worldwide Ltd.

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